• Sun. Nov 19th, 2023

Conflict Observatory report reveals Russia’s alleged relocation of Ukrainian children


Feb 14, 2023
Image credit: (Peace Corps, Ukraine)

A report released by the Conflict Observatory, a program supported by the US Department of State, alleges that Russia has relocated thousands of Ukrainian children to areas under Russian government control. The report, compiled by program partner Yale Humanitarian Research Lab, identifies 43 facilities to which the Russian government has allegedly relocated Ukraine’s children, some of whom were thousands of miles away from their homes.

The report further details how Russia has allegedly prevented the children from communicating with their relatives at home in Ukraine, and in some cases, has placed them for adoption by families in Russia. The report alleges that Russia has engaged in a systematic effort to “re-educate” the children to become pro-Russia.

The Conflict Observatory report emphasizes that such transfers and deportations of children constitute a war crime and a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention on the protection of civilians. The report demands that Russia immediately halt forced transfers and deportations, return the children to their families or legal guardians, and provide registration lists of Ukraine’s relocated and deported children.

The Conflict Observatory, which compiles and documents evidence to support investigations of abuses during Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, has identified several dozen Russian Federation officials and other individuals implicated in the relocation and deportation of Ukraine’s children. The report makes clear that Russia’s systematic efforts reflect decisions made and actions taken at all levels of the Russian government.

Mounting evidence of Russia’s actions underscores the Kremlin’s aims to suppress Ukraine’s identity, history, and culture. The impacts of Russia’s alleged actions on Ukraine’s children are likely to be felt for generations.

The report’s allegations are not unique, however, as there have been instances in recent history where children have been victims of forced displacement. In the Syrian conflict, for example, millions of people, including many children, have been displaced from their homes. The UN has documented cases of children being separated from their families, forced to flee their homes, and in some cases, being subjected to recruitment or other forms of exploitation by armed groups.

Another example is the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, where the military carried out a campaign of violence against the Rohingya minority, resulting in the displacement of over 700,000 people, including many children. Reports have detailed how children have been subjected to violence, sexual abuse, and forced recruitment by armed groups.

In all of these cases, there are concerns about the violation of international humanitarian and human rights law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention. These violations can have devastating impacts on the lives of children and their families, and they require a strong response from the international community to ensure accountability and prevent further harm.